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November Annual Meeting & Budget Ratification is scheduled for Monday, November 9th at 7:00 PM.  
Westridge Recreation Center
All homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend.
POOL ACCESS CARDS  - If you have not picked up your card, please call ahead
to ensure we are in: Cheryl Bowman 303-471-8830.  
PICK up cards between 8:00am and 5:00pm Mon-Fri at the Eastridge Rec Center (9568 University).
Located in beautiful Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Indigo Hill is a single family home community with easy acess to all that Highlands Ranch has to offer.  The community also offers a community pool and tot lot for everyone to enjoy!
Being a subassociation of Highlands Ranch Community Association provides excellent benefit and great opportunity for active living.  Highlands Ranch boasts of 4 first-class recreation centers that are included with your quarterly dues.  These recreation centers have amenities for everyone in the family.  Ranging from preschool classes to fitness classes everyone will find an activity to suit their needs.  In addition to classes the centers also have batting cages, a climbing wall, lap pools, racquetball, sand volleyball, kiddy pools, outdoor pool slides, running tracks, first class fitness equipment, indoor turf, and much more.  Please visit the Highlands Ranch website for more information at www.hrcaonline.org.
~ Annual Budget / Statements ~
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~ Neighborhood News ~
Fence Painting Project
Fence Painting begins next Monday, November 2nd and will continue through the end of the month (weather permitting).  Collegiate Painting Services (CPS) will be painting all of the Community maintained fencing this Fall and then completing the work next Spring.  Fence posts and rails will be replaced where needed.
The worst section is along Wildcat Reserve.  This privacy fence will be painted first and extends around the east and west corner.  A color coded MAP is posted on the website.
            Wildcat from Grayfeather to Royal Eagle  (purple)
            Grayfeather, both sections from Wildcat to Stellars Jay (tan)
            Royal Eagle, all four sections from Wildcat to English Sparrow Trail (green)
Six posts will be replaced, this means your fence will be down for a day or two.  All six owners will receive notices on their front doors so they can prepare.  CPS will be painting only the street facing side of privacy fencing and will not need access to any other backyards for this section.  Nevertheless, if you have dogs that will be upset or barking because of this work, please take steps to keep your pet inside. Most plants have now died back, but if you have trees or bushes trailing over the fence from your backyards, please trim them back or tie them up.   
The next section planned for painting will be behind the homes on Winterthur Way.  Finally, the fences on both sides of the open space green belt that runs from Winterthur at Rose Finch to Royal Eagle will be painted last.  Open rail fencing will be painted on both sides.  As part of your Fall clean up, please ensure we will have clear access to both sides of your fence.  There will be follow up email blasts when the work commences in these other two areas. 
CPS will be wire brushing each section, lightly sanding bare areas and spot staining bare spots before brushing on the Exterior solid color stain.  This method has produced excellent, long lasting results at other Communities. 
If you have any questions or concerns, contact Cheryl Bowman, Assistant Property Manager at HRCA.  Cheryl.Bowman@HRCAonline.org or 303-471-8830.
New Playground Equipment

The playground equipment has been removed and new equipment is in place.   Thank you to those homeowners who responded to our request for input.  Several of you asked for some shade structure, so a roof was added over the high platform by the slide to at least offer some shade.   

Speed Limits - for the safety of the Children in the Community
Please be sure you are following the speed limits through out our community. Slow down and be aware of how fast you are traveling. With school now in session we want to keep all our children safe. Speeding cars on Winterthur Way is of special concern so be sure you are aware that the speed limit posted on that street is 25mph.

~ Community Events ~
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~ Indigo Clubhouse Rental ~
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~ Emergency Calls ~
If you experience an emergency and you cannot reach Lynne Kraft, Property Manager at 720-348-8262 please contact Front Range Patrol at 303-591-9027.  Once you have contacted this number the dispatcher will assign the problem as needed.  The service will contact the property manager and a solution will be acted upon according to the emergency.

~ Snow Removal ~
We encourage you to do your part to keep your neighborhood safe by clearing all snow and ice from your property's sidewalks, driveways, and mailbox areas within 24 hours after a snowfall. If you are going to be out of town, be sure to arrange with a neighbor or friend who can help clear your sidewalks if a snow storm occurs while you are gone. The HRCA removes snow from its own property, and Douglas County is responsible for snow removal on most public streets in Highlands Ranch. Trails and sidewalks along major arterial or streets are the responsibility of the Highlands Ranch Metro District. See the link below for the responsibility chart for snow removal.

~ Upcoming Meetings ~
The next Indigo meeting will be the Budget Ratification/Annual meeting on Monday November 9, 2015, 7pm at the Westridge Recreation Center.  Homeowners will be ratifying the 2016 Budget and electing two Board members.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend.  Please send in your PROXY if you will not be able to attend so we have a quorum.
Election: Two current board members are up for election: Dave Eloe and Ann Carrier.  Both have expressed an interest in running for re-election and continuing to serve your Community.   If you are interested in running for one of the Board positions, please contact the Property Manager, Lynne Kraft prior to Friday, November 5th so your name will appear on the ballot.  Nominations will also be taken from the floor.
Budget Ratification is held to ratify the annual association budget.  Please note that there will be an increase in assessments for 2016.  The assessments will increase $30.00 annually to $320.00 per year which is $160.00 for the two bi-annual billings.  The increase in Operating Expenses are in Tree Care, Insurance, and Clubhouse Maintenance.  The Reserve Contribution is increased by $5,871.00.  In the past year, Indigo has replaced the playground equipment, installed a keyless entry system, and is now starting to paint all of the fences in the Community.  Some will be done this year, and the rest will be completed next Spring.
Hope to see you there.

~ Board of Directors ~
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~ Property Manager ~

Highlands Ranch Community Association manages the Indigo Hills.  The office is conveniently located at the Eastridge Recreation Center, 9568 University Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO  80126
Our Property Manager is Lynne Kraft 
Assistant Property Manager is Cheryl Bowman.  If you need assistance please contact Cheryl at:
Phone: 303-471-8830 or  email: Cheryl.Bowman@HRCAonline.org
We look forward to helping you.
Emergencies: For after hours emergencies, please call Front Range Patrol at 303-591-9027
Assessment Payment questions, call  303-791-8958

~ Pool News ~
NEW POOL ACCESS CARDS  - If you have not picked up your card, please call ahead
to ensure we are in: Cheryl Bowman 303-471-8830.  
PICK up cards between 8:00am and 5:00pm Mon-Fri at the Eastridge Rec Center (9568 University).
You will need to bring your Driver’s License showing your Indigo Hill’s address. 
One card per home.  You must be current in your assessments.
If you have a renter in your home, please be sure you fill out the Rental form (available on the Indigo Hills website) authorizing them to have access and to pick up a card. 
It has come to the attention of the Board that swimming lessons were being given at the pool by a paid outside vendor last year.  This is an insurance coverage issue.  Please do not sign up for any lessons this summer at the Indigo Pool, as they will not be allowed to take place.
 If you are in need of a replacement card for the pool contact Cheryl Bowman, 303-471-8830, or email cheryl.bowman@hrcaonline.org.  There is a $25.00 fee for pool replacement cards.


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